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Personal protection

Personal Protection

Have you thought about what impact it would have if your income were to stop?
How would this affect your and your family's lifestyle?

Would your family be secure financially if you were to die or suffer a serious illness?

Do you know what your current arrangements would actually provide?

There are different types of insurance policies available to protect all those situations. Each policy is unique to each individual and their particular circumstances. It is designed to ease the financial burden that can arise from critical illness, the loss of a loved one or loss of income.

Vervene Financial Services Ltd offer advice on all those protection solutions and make sure that they suit your needs.

We can review your existing arrangements to ensure they are still meeting your requirements and advise you on any options which may be available.

We specialise in giving advise based upon your personal circumstances to ensure that both your and your family's future is protected regardless of what the future may hold.

We provide expert advice in the following areas:
• Life Cover
• Critical Illness Cover
• Income Protection
• Accident, Sickness and Unemployment.